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Why Airbnb hosts ask for ID verification | Argos KYC

Sharing economy or shared economy involves a community-based online platform that connects users for example buyers and sellers. Companies such as WeWork provide a shared workspace across the world while Airbnb provides a space where property owners connect to people who seek to rent a house to stay. With all the merits of sharing economy such as flexible than the traditional system, sharing economy is increasing and evolving.

Airbnb has provided hosts the option to request an ID from guests since 2013. Asking an ID to a guest who uses the property is not a new trend. If we think about how we do when checking in at the hotel, providing ID is not unusual. It is just a new experience providing it online. The request for an ID verification is understandable as identity verification can be a tool to keep Airbnb secure and fight fraud, and most importantly keeping the community safe and trustworthy.

According to an article in Value Walk, it states that in April of 2019, the Airbnb platform had 85 million visits which is a high number compared to a similar platform competitor called Vrbo which had 17 million visits. As Airbnb is a platform where hosts who want to rent a space within a property and users who are looking for a place to stay meet, it is crucial for Airbnb to provide trust between the hosts and the guests. We believe that providing identity can act as a safe tool for both sides which can lead to a safer community.

Considering how Airbnb places allow virtual check-in, knowing the guests as who they say are important. Online booking with virtual check-in is becoming more popular and the interaction with guests is decreasing. It is reasonable how Airbnb allows hosts to check out guests’ profiles and reviews to know the guests who will be using your property. Therefore, for the sake of protection to a host and its properties, online identity verification is becoming a stronger tool for enhancing trust among the community.

Airbnb is working on providing trust to a host with the kinds of information they can ask guests before booking. This is why guests provide their full name, date of birth, phone number, email address, and payment information to Airbnb. And now hosts also have the option of requiring guests to provide Airbnb with a government ID before they can book.

Here is some information that Airbnb collects from the users when identity verification is requested by the hosts.

Information shared with the host:

  • The first name on your ID
  • Whether you’re over or under 25 years old
  • Whether your ID has been successfully added
  • Your profile photo and profile name

Steps on providing government ID on Airbnb on the user side.

Personal Information in your Account Settings> Government ID
Choose an ID type

Take a photo of your selected government ID
Take a photo of yourself

For a business that shares a platform where the provider and the user meet through an online platform, it is important for the business to provide an environment where every one of each side feels safe and be able to trust what is said by who they say they are.

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