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What is the OCR ID Card Template? | Argos KYC

Wondering what is an OCR ID Card Template? Argos KYC uses OCR technology plus categorizes the extracted data using the ID Card template. In this way, collected data can be used in a format that is suitable to process the data analysis. It brings convenience and speed in processing data.

First, what is an OCR?

Before we talk about the ‘ID Template OCR’, let us briefly explain what is OCR. Optical character recognition or optical character(OCR) is the electronic or mechanical conversion of images of typed, handwritten, or printed text into machine-encoded text. Through OCR, data from the printed paper – passport documents, business cards, or any data records printed on the paper can be digitized. When data are encoded in digital format, they can be easily searched, edited, and processed.

And then what is ID Template OCR?

When OCR technology extracts characters from certain form – ID cards or business cards, the data become a pool of characters. When we are talking about dealing with data in the business field, hundreds and thousands of data need to be categorized and processed in a very short amount of time. Therefore, automatically categorized data comes in handy. The categories may differ by which industry field businesses are at.

Usage of ID Template OCR in KYC field

Let’s dive little deeper and see how ID Template OCR are applied in the KYC(Know Your Customer) industry. ID Template OCR extracts data and categorizes them automatically. The category is set by the configuration based on the identity cards issued by governments where ID cards are issued. Since Argos KYC is an online identity verification service, examples of categories are ID card type, nationality, surname, given name, date of birth, gender, and issuing country. Therefore, ID Template OCR is an advanced form of OCR, using extracted data in a simple and smart way to utilize and process.

Examples of categories in OCR ID Card Template in Argos KYC

How does Argos KYC use the OCR ID Card Template?

Argos KYC asks two actions during the KYC process: 1) take a photo of the ID card, 2) take a selfie. When users take photos of the ID card with a mobile device camera, ID Template OCR extracts the information from the photo. And then? Automatically categorizes the information on the system. Categorized data comes in handy and saves time when verifying the validity of the data. Argos KYC can do Know Your Customer checks with speed and accuracy with the use of OCR ID Card Template technology.

Why Argos KYC in Verifying Identity?

Argos KYC can verify over 1,600 ID types issued over 210 countries with OCR Technology along with ID Template OCR. This means countries where potential customers are can be covered by Argos KYC for the Know Your Customer process. As long as the customers have valid ID cards(passport, driver’s license, and government issued ID cards), you can verify them at any time anywhere. We provide prompt KYC process with preciseness using AI technology with 24/7 supported KYC processing. Identify anyone at any time anywhere with Argos KYC. Got you covered.

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