The office is friendly, safe, and efficient

Deliver a pleasing experience to everyone who visits your office

Features of the visitor management system

Argos’ visitor management system is simple, yet efficient and powerful

Provide a seamless customer experience

Supports seamless and automated visitor management through QR CODE

Efficient information desk

Reduce the amount of work at the information desk by automating visitor check-in

Security management of corporate space

Is it necessary to check who and when went
to the company’s internal space for safety management?
Check only the dashboard of the visitor management system.

Employee work efficiency

The staff doesn’t have to worry about anything until the visitor arrives at your space.


Visitor invitation email supports branding by exposing your logo

Flow chart of visitor management system

Argos’ visitor management solution is designed to be easy
to use by anyone with an intuitive flow chart and interface.
Become a visitor and give it a try!