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Prove Crypto Wallet Ownership with ARGOS ID

Is your business in need of proving ownership of unhosted wallets? With ARGOS ID, proving ownership of unhosted wallets is no longer a difficult task. ARGOS ID, which runs with API and Web SDK, is easy to integrate into business existing services.

ARGOS ID can be used on detecting users’ onboarding scams such as using multiple crypto wallets to receive multiple advantages. Businesses in P2E industries are applying ARGOS ID for users to do ‘self-verification’.

As crypto wallets are made without a single personal information, it becomes an important factor for businesses that need user information. Knowing the user not only makes business operators to be compliant with crypto regulations but also provides a reliable community. Having a community where users can trust each other would be exceptionally more important when decentralized users increase.

So make a place where every user can rely on each other, including service providers. Prove ownership of unhosted wallets with ARGOS ID. Make Unhosted Wallets Compliant!