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Partnership Announcement: Argos X DNV

We are proud and excited to announce that recently we settled a partnership with the world-renowned classification society and accredited registrar DNV!

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Headquartered in Norway, DNV evaluates and issues certificates for different industries, including oil & gas, maritime, renewable energy, electrification, food & beverage, software, and healthcare.

DNV certification review is based on international standard models designated by international organizations such as ISO, IEC, ITU, BSI, UNECE, JIS, SAE, ASTM. If the standard model is not determined, DNV performs a Statement of Compliance (SoC) to review the evaluation model.

DNV has recently launched a new certification that reviews corporate anti-money laundering system. The certification evaluates a company’s KYC(Know Your Customer), AML screening, STR(Suspicious Transaction Report), CTR(Currency Transaction Report), compliance control system (including internal policy, guidelines, committee, staff, procedures) and confirms whether the certification criteria are met.

DNV’s Anti-Money Laundering Certification is based on the FATF(Financial Action Task Force), Recommendations and Financial Intelligence Unit’s Anti-Money Laundering Risk Assessment Indicators.

About DNV

Founded in 1864, DNV is the world’s largest classification society and accredited registrar, examining the quality of products and services across industries such as oil & gas, manufacturing and automobile, IT software, etc. Performing objective and fair screening DNV issues certificates of public confidence in all countries around the world. It has 350 offices in over 100 countries and about 100,000 clients. (https://www.dnv.com/)


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