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OCR Technology for KYC

Argos KYC uses OCR to convert the printed text in the ID cards
into machine-encoded text. Information in the ID cards is automatically
recognized and extracted to store in the database.

How Many Identity Documents Supported?

Argos KYC service can verify over 1,600 ID types issued over 210 countries with OCR Technology.
Over 4,000 ID documents can be covered by expert review.
Argos KYC got you and your customers covered wherever in the world.

Why OCR ID Template?

Argos KYC pursues easy KYC with a user-friendly experience.
This is why we use OCR to automatically extract information from the ID card along
with ID Template technology to categorize the data.

OCR ID Template is categorizing the data extracted with OCR.
OCR with ID Template extracts and sorts the data into the designated category.
Check the following example of OCR ID Template we use.

“file_upload”: true,
“origin_ocr”: {
texas DRIVER LICENSE USA TX 12345678 Class AM
iss 07/30/2006 Exp 07/30/2012
Janice Sample RestrictionsA End P Hgh 5-04 15
Sex F 16Eyes BLU 5 DO 1234567890000000

Extracted Data

  “reviewOCRData”: {
  “ocr_firstName”: “JANICE”,
  “ocr_lastName”: “SAMPLE”,
  “accepted_ocr_firstName”: true,
  “accepted_ocr_lastName”: true,
  “ocr_gender”: “female”,
  “accepted_ocr_gender”: true,
  “accepted_ocr_birthDate”: true,
  “ocr_birthDate”: “1976-07-30”,
  “accepted_ocr_issueDate”: true,
  “ocr_issueDate”: “2006-07-30”,
  “accepted_ocr_expireDate”: true,
  “ocr_expireDate”: “2012-07-30”,
  “ocr_name”: “JANICE”,
  “accepted_ocr_name”: true
  “file_upload”: true,
  “submissionId”: “19gm3p9l109yall”

Categorized Data

How it works?

OCR ID Template goes through the following process.

Users take a photo of the ID card

OCR automatically extracts the information on the ID card

Extracted data is automatically categorized with OCR ID Template