Argos’ Liveness

Argos incorporates passive liveness that confirms the validity of a real person with only the video or photo itself.
In addition, Argos is a biometric-based solution that has passed Level-2 certification
in the ISO 30107-3 iBeta Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) test. Meet Liveness at Know Your Customer Service.

Why do you need liveness?

The dark web and deepfakes are threatening our identity theft.
Accordingly, there is an increasing number of forgery attacks that attempt
to steal other people when authenticating with faces.

As a result, Liveness has become an essential security technology for face authentication.
Argos incorporates certified Liveness technology to detect and block counterfeiting and theft.
‘the standard of ISO’ If you want to know more detail Try Note!

Onboarding process
preventing Identity Fraud

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