Protect Your Business with AI-Powered KYC

Argos KYC empowers clients to deliver seamless digital onboarding experience. Build your identity management system around your business goals and offer your customers a smooth, hassle-free KYC experience.

Argos KYC Service Features

Argos global KYC service enables you to identify your customers wherever they are in the world.

ID Document Check

 Argos global ID database supports over 5,000 ID documents from 180+ countries 
ID information is auto-extracted with OCR(optical character recognition)

Biometric Check

AI-powered face recognition and comparison 
Liveness check (ISO 30107 Level 1 & 2 certified)

Proof Of Address Check

Verify KYC applicant’s residential address by comparing it to the
information present on their address document.
Supported documents: tax bill, bank statements, utility bills, rent agreement, etc. 

Why are we better?

Improve customer
onboarding experience with
seamless KYC service

Fast and simple service
integration with Argos
KYC form service and API

Client dashboard and
API service to view
KYC data and results

One-stop solution for regulatory requirements including
FATF AML guidelines,  PSA, etc

AML screening report
issued real-time

Cost-effective approach
to identify your customers 

EU GDPR-compliant
data protection 

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Hassle-free KYC submission process

Argos KYC Service at a Glance