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KYC Global Solution Coverage – Argos KYC

Have you wondered what is the coverage for the global KYC solution?

Argos KYC provides a KYC solution that covers over 200 countries. That means you can verify onboarding customers’ identities without any concern.

There are various languages to distinguish but you do not have to worry about it. This is because Argos KYC runs an AI technology for the verification process. Also, information on the ID is auto-extracted with the OCR tool. There are human experts who can give extra reliability to the KYC results. Therefore, the combination of AI technology and expert review makes the verifying process strong and reliable.

By machine learning, Argos KYC can verify 1,400 ID documents automatically. This includes AI technology and the OCR tool. When human experts are added, 4,000 ID documents can be verified. The number Argos KYC can verify by nationality has more than 200 countries.

So if your business is providing a global service and needs to verify global customers, Argos KYC can cover your region spectrum. Covering more than 200 countries, we can assist your business verification coverage. No matter where your customers are, identify anyone at any time anywhere.