Build trust with your business partner

Easier and more cost-effective way to know your partner, vendor, or trader.
Minimize your risk with Argos Know Your Business (KYB) service.

Scope of Argos KYB service

Identification of KYB corporate applicant’s Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs)

KYB submission page service

Money laundering and
terrorist financing risk analysis on KYB corporate applicant

Argos handles the entire communication with KYB applicants

the structure
of KYB corporate applicant

Corporate AML screening

Issuing AML report on KYB corporate applicant

How it works?


Insert KYB page link to your service page or application


KYB applicants submit KYB document via KYB service page


Get corporate AML report along with  screening result from Argos KYB dashboard

Argos KYB Service Features

KYB page for all corporate entities

Manage all KYB submission within one platform
 Whitelabel KYB page as your own page

Check your corporate partners

 Get detailed data including Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s) information and company structure 
 Identify any money laundering or terrorist financing risk associated with KYB applicants

KYB Dashboards and corporate AML reports

Check KYB status at a glance with Argos dashboard
 Get reports on KYB applicants and AML screening result

Learn more about how Argos KYC can help.