Why do I need to automatically sort my ID card?

In some countries, there are only 10 versions of the driver’s license.
However, the user does not know what version of their ID is.
Argos maximizes user convenience by supporting all these vast subarrays
through identification card classification.Meet Argos’ Know Your Customer service
that supports from automatic identification of ID cards to Template OCR with a single photo.

How do I automatically classify my ID card?

Automatic identification card classification enables the service by digitalizing the information with only one picture

A sample of each country’s ID card is
stored on an artificial intelligence data server
Artificial intelligence learns
the image of the ID card
When the user’s ID card is submitted,
the ID card is automatically classified
based on the degree of similarity

Can automatic identification of ID
prevent counterfeiting and theft?

In addition to automatic identification of ID cards to prevent counterfeiting and theft,
Argos also includes Liveness and Fraud Prevention Systems

Captured ID card and printed ID card
have changes in surface texture and edge points.
The similarity of the identification card is low,
so the classification itself is not possible