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How to provide safety in the metaverse – Argos KYC

Previously we discussed the metaverse, the definition, and the movement shown by global companies such as Facebook. The metaverse market may be $800 billion markets in 2024, the next technology platform. The market is attracting social media companies and online game entertainment as it is a space where people gather and produce various opportunities.

Mentioned briefly in the last post, metaverse can provide numerous job opportunities and open up a new economy in which wealth can be created using cryptocurrency. As an online identity service provider, Argos KYC views the need or the necessity of having a trustworthy and transparent digital environment regarding identity and age.

What can Argos KYC do in the Metaverse?

Metaverse is great and attractive as the revenue opportunity is high. People around the world can be in the metaverse to play games, meet, hang out, work, and socialize. Even though we talk about the great assets and points of the metaverse, there are some parts that need to be taken care of including safety and transparency in identities.

Argos KYC can work as a tool to verify age, identity, and abuser in the metaverse. Some may disagree with applying the Know Your Customer solution in the metaverse, but some may agree on verifying identities and age. As we see some instances where harassment and assaults can happen, the importance of having adequate policies and actions arise for the metaverse’s safety.

So for the metaverse to be the place where people can come and join without any worries, toxic behavior in virtual reality should be regulated. And Argos KYC sees such regulating actions to be done with KYC(Know Your Customer) steps. Identifying age can implement age restriction. Identifying honest users may lead the virtual space to become a safe place. Identifying global users can enable a metaverse to become a reliable platform.

Do so with Argos KYC as we can provide online identity verification covering more than 210 countries around the world. Got you covered!