Know Your Patient to improve healthcare service quality

Protect your patients by verifying their identities

Ensure prescriptions are delivered
to legitimate patients

Combat insurance and payment fraud while protecting patient’s identity

Minimize risk of telemedicine with contactless identity verification

Improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare service with remote identity verification services

Protect personal details and medical information by identifying the actual patient. 
It is time to transform in-person approach to healthcare service.
Digitally verify patient’s identity and make the onboarding process hassle-free.

Bridge the gap of trust and distance between patients and healthcare service providers

Combat insurance and payment fraud by verifying patient’s identity

Comply with patient protection requirements

Reduce identity fraud with seamless and cost-effective patient identity verification

Eliminate manual record-keeping and paper-based patient management

Prevent wasteful medical spending by verifying patient’s identity¬†


How it works?

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