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Face Verification

When KYC users submit selfie, AI technology captures and saves the geometrical structure from each individual. The information is used to compare and verify the face between the ID card and the selfie. AI identifies whether the person is the same person based on the similarity between the faces.

Why ID Face and Selfie Face Recognition?

Argos KYC’s Face Verification technology compares the face from the ID card
with the submitted selfie. We are proud to announce the accuracy of
AI’s ID face recognition to selfie face verification is 99.5%.

How it Works?

During the KYC process, users take a photo of their ID card.
Once the ID card image is submitted, artificial intelligence(AI) technology takes the face photo in the ID card as the specific threshold set.
This data works as a reference point for the comparison in the next step which is submitting a selfie.
When the similarity is below the threshold, it is judged as a different person and this means no further onboarding process.