Biometric authentication
what is face recognition?

When combined with Liveness,
which checks the validity of the face,
face verification technology is completed

Register the face

Artificial intelligence captures human faces
Saves the geometrical structure of the main points of the face

Face identification

Compare newly captured faces with saved faces
Determine whether the person is the same person
based on the similarity between faces

Argos Face Verification

Face on ID card (subject to registration)
The face of the user currently photographed on the camera (to be compared)

We call this ID to Face Verification. Argos The accuracy of AI’s ID to Face Verification is 99.5%.
This is a much more sophisticated figure compared to the typical human accuracy of 75-85%.
Check out the data from Argos’ facial recognition artificial intelligence.

Online Face Verification

Upgrade your business quickly and efficiently with Argos’ facial recognition