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Face Liveness Detection in KYC Verification | Argos KYC

Liveness Detection in KYC Process | Argos KYC

Combating online fraud is becoming more important than ever. Where contactless activities are common and considered to be a norm, strong security technology is required. Biometric verification is one of the reliable ways to confirm a user’s identity and protect your business at the same time. Fraudsters are becoming smarter and enhancing ways to make stolen or illicit ID cards to be legitimate. Here is how liveness face detection can increase the barrier of ID spoofing.

What is a Liveness Check?

Liveness check means detecting real biometric factors with artificial copies. Liveness detection technology can identify photos taken in real-time and photos taken from a copy of a photo. This acts as an important factor when it comes to detecting identity fraud.

During the Know Your Customer(KYC) process where users take a selfie for validation, a liveness check plays a significant role. Liveness detection technology can distinguish whether the submitted selfie photos were taken live or not.

Why Liveness Check?

The number of forgery attacks is increasing in an attempt to steal other people’s faces for authentication. As a result, liveness detection has become an essential security technology for face verification. Numerous identity verification service providers including Argos KYC incorporate certified liveness technology to detect and block counterfeiting and theft. We believe liveness detection helps fight against any illicit pre-recorded video.

How to detect liveness with a single photo?

It is the technology that can make the verifying process as simple as taking a selfie photo. Also, the technology Argos KYC utilizes is simple and easy so it can support higher conversion rates, less dropping out during the process.

There are two kinds of liveness detection: active and passive liveness. The former is where it requires users to do certain actions, such as moving heads or blinking eyes. The latter is an advanced tool of technology where it asks nothing but to take a selfie photo.

It is an advanced technology Argos KYC uses to detect liveness with a single photo. We are proud to inform our clients that we provide a frictionless and user-friendly environment during the selfie submission process. No asking blinking eyes, moving heads, or speaking random passcodes. It is much detailed oriented technology since it provides a user-friendly experience with high accuracy.

Strong liveness detection and easy onboarding with Argos KYC

Argos KYC developed a technology to keep onboarding flows simply while providing bulletproof security.

Face liveness detection reduces the likelihood of spoofing attempts to succeed. Argos KYC provides secured identity verification through strong face authentication technology. We support clients to meet reliable users from around the world only with trusted ones. Let your customers experience a smooth and frictionless onboarding process with Argos KYC liveness detection technology.

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