Provide the easiest and the fastest onboarding with Argos KYC

Efficiently satisfy regulatory requirements with Argos KYC & AML screening services

Are you aware of the AML/CFT requirements for VASPs?

Virtual Asset Service Providers(VASPs) are subject to anti-money laundering and countering the financing terrorism (AML/CFT) requirements. With Argos KYC and AML screening services, you can be fully compliant and expedite customer onboarding.

KYC Identity Verification

ID document verification
 Face verification
 Liveness check
 Residential address check

AML Screening (Anti-Money Laundering)

 Global sanction & watch lists
Politically Exposed Persons
 Financial Regulators
 Law Enforcement Agencies
Adverse Media
AML Report

How it works?

Verify and onboard new customers from more than 180 countries with accuracy and confidence.