; Argos KYC x Art-tech Gallery 360 Global Ltd. Partnership

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Argos KYC x Art-tech Gallery 360 Global Ltd. Partnership

Argos KYC is happy to share the global partnership news with an art-tech company, Gallery 360 Global Limited.

Gallery 360 is an intelligent art platform gallery, providing a place for consumers to enjoy the art piece just like a gallery, and also to purchase art pieces. Using AI technologies, users can enjoy the art in virtual space in 360 degrees with a real-like experience of artworks, regardless of time and place. Gallery 360 Global Ltd. is an art-tech company where art and technology are combined, using various AI technologies to provide an evolution in art and design trends.

An online exhibition platform, Gallery 360 intends on creating essential services to the world, specifically to consumers, artists, and art curators. Here is how Gallery 360 can provide easy access to customers, support artists, and connect curators to artists.

1. Customers

AI service used by Gallery 360 provides an experience where customers can check in advance on how the art piece may look in the desired place using AI technology. This can increase the art purchase satisfaction as the user can get an idea of what the art piece may look like in the desired space.

2. Artists

Gallery 360 provides an opportunity to exhibit works for artists. Gallery 360 CEO, Sally Shin, said it is difficult for artists to have the opportunity to exhibit their work. The reality is that there are not many artists who can hold solo exhibitions within the current art industry. She also commented that it is even more difficult for an individual artist to be able to sell their work. The fact that artists can introduce their own works through VR galleries at Gallery 360 is a time and opportunity for artists to exhibit and sell their works. In addition, with the help of an art consultant and curator, artists can receive professional support for exhibitions and services for an agency for selling works.

3. Curators

Artists, customers, and curators are mostly independent. The advantage of the open platform Gallery 360 is that it resolves the difficulty in these connections. Hence, artists, customers, and curators from around the world can meet together and connect.

So, experience the art gallery beyond space and time. Gallery 360 wants to create a new art ecosystem that is beneficial to everyone. The art tech company is trying to grow into a global art platform. And this is why Gallery 360 has partnered with Argos KYC to verify the identity of investors from around the world. Argos KYC is happy to support a company providing a space where art and technology are used to provide benefits for consumers, artists, and curators.

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