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ARGOS Joins Global Digital Finance (GDF)

Recently ARGOS became a member of the Global Digital Finance (GDF), an organization that sets global cryptocurrency market standards. Global Digital Finance (GDF) communicates with international regulatory bodies, virtual asset standard-setters, and related associations and speaks for cryptocurrency and virtual asset service providers (VASP).

As a member of the GDF, ARGOS will take the lead in helping virtual asset service providers comply with the anti-money laundering laws and in enhancing transparency in the cryptocurrency market. Based on the FATF regulations, ARGOS provides domestic and international virtual asset service providers with KYC and AML screening solutions that comply with each FATF member state’s anti-money laundering laws. ARGOS will continue to strive for the development of cryptocurrency regulatory standards and compliance in the blockchain industry.

Global Digital Finance Member Code of Conduct

  • Ensures that all market participants comply with legal requirements for the transfer of cross-border virtual assets.
  • Establishes standards for behavior and operating governance and activates the market.
  • Seeks for long-term benefits of consumers, markets and virtual assets.
  • Applies to all cryptocurrency and virtual asset market participants, including ICO projects.
  • Aims to enhance transparency and expertise and establish reliability in virtual assets.
  • Establishes industry standards for responsible growth and innovation.


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