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ARGOS ID meeting global clients in SFF 2022

ARGOS team is currently in Singapore to participate the largest FinTech festival in the world with the aim of introducing our new service, ARGOS ID to future global clients and partners.

ARGOS ID is a solution for verifying unhosted wallets connected to various blockchain networks. We are excited to build a community for possible collaboration and partnership. ARGOS ID works as a solution supporting crypto wallet verification.

We hope to meet more future clients and partners in SFF 2022. The event is held from Nov 2 to Nov 4 at Singapore Expo. Come and stop by to explore how ARGOS ID can be not only a trustworthy but also a cost-efficient solution. ARGOS ID is simple, fast, and easy to integrate as it runs with API and Web SDK.

We are in Hall 5, booth 5C05!

Make Unhosted Wallets Compliant