Stay compliant and get ahead of the changing regulations

Argos AML Screening delivers relevant, timely and accurate AML & CFT data from credible sources.
We enable our clients to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing through their channel. 

Why Argos AML Screening?

Most up-to-date global AML database

 Protect your business with comprehensive, real-time AML data.

Get real-time AML reports on risk profiles

Reduce your compliance burden with Argos AML risk report.

Argos AML screening supports multiple languages

 Ability to monitor risk profiles in local languages as well as by alias.

Scope of AML Screening

Global sanction & watch lists

More than 180 lists updated
within 2 hours of a change occurring

Politically Exposed Persons

Argos monitors both the PEPs and
their associates worldwide

Law Enforcement Agencies

Including data from Interpol,
Met Police, FBI, Dept. of Justice, etc

Reputational Risks

Worldwide adverse media coverage
(newspapers, news sites or other media)

Financial Regulators

Including data from
FCA, SEC, etc 

Business screening

Check for any money laundering
/terrorist financing risk

Insolvents & Bankrupts

Any individual that has been declared
as bankrupt or insolvent

Disqualified Directors

Any individual that has been
disqualified as acting as a director

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