Stay safe from the Money Laundering Risks

Argos KYC enables our clients to stay protected from the money laundering risks through Anti-Money Laundering(AML) screening reports.

Get the accurate AML & CFT data from Argos KYC.

Why Argos KYC AML Screening?

Most up-to-date and comprehensive global AML database
Real-time AML reports on risk profiles
Multiple language support

Argos KYC Global AML Database

PEP Politically Exposed Persons: current, former and linked
PEP-LINKED Search only the Politically Exposed Persons by association
SAN Sanctions: current and former
SAN-CURRENT Search only current Sanctions
SAN-FORMER Search only former Sanctions
RRE Reputational Risk Exposure dataset
REL Regulatory Enforcement Lists
POI Profiles of Interest dataset
INS Insolvency Register
SOE State-Owned Enterprises: current and former
SOE-CURRENT Search only current State-Owned Enterprises
SOE-FORMER Search only former State-Owned Enterprises